Sober House Calls

Approaches & Services: Relapse Prevention

We help clients identify risky situations, thoughts, and emotions that can lead to relapse. By addressing these risks before they occur, we help clients develop a strategy to avoid relapse.
    Prevention techniques include:
  • Helping clients identify, understand, and resist relapse justification rationales
  • Formulating specific plans-of-action to combat risky situations
  • Establishing new habits that are required for continued abstinence 
  • Distinguishing between guilt and shame, and learning to cope with them
  • Encouraging clients to be honest with themselves despite the difficulty
    Through relapse prevention, clients learn how to:
  • Recognize the warning signs of relapse
  • Progress in their recovery
  • Balance work and recovery
  • Alleviate boredom healthily
  • Earn back the lost trust of friends and family
  • Cope with others’ suspicions of continued substance abuse

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