Sober House Calls


Sober House Calls (“SHC”) is a unique substance abuse treatment program designed to fit clients’ particular needs in the comfort and safety of their own homes.
Our mission is to provide professional, specialized assistance throughout the process of recovery from addiction.

By coming to clients’ home, we are able to assess individual circumstances and advise on the next step of recovery. We guarantee privacy and develop an individually tailored program incorporating a multi-dimensional therapeutic approach.

We focus on the issues affecting clients’ well-being. Through compassionate care coupled with experience and understanding of addictions, we assist clients and their families with the challenges they face.

Counselors utilize progressive methods of therapy to help clients come to an understanding of their addictions, where they come from, and how to become free of their burden.   We take clients step-by-step back into a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle—all in the privacy, comfort, and security of their own homes.