Sober House Calls


"I've been seeing Julia on a regular basis over the course of the last six months, and thanks entirely to her kindness, firmness, and experience in solving the riddle of addiction, I've been sober and healthy now for more than 90 days with no end in sight. Over the preceding two and a half years that I'd been drinking, I had been to five well-known detox and rehab programs with their attendant counselors and therapists, each without lasting effect. Julia is different, and in my view, more capable and effective than any of them. She is the thinking person's answer to the often complicated search for a solution to drinking as an anesthetic and addiction in general."  

-Marty, Marina Del Rey, CA

"I've watched Julia develop into a committed and dedicated substance abuse counselor. Her extensive experience and thorough understanding of addiction and recovery enable her to recognize issues quickly and clearly, and allows her to help the individual in need. I am very confident in her ability to effectively support the reintegration of her clients into a healthy environment." 

- Jasmin Rogg - MA, MFT 

 "Julia is an exceptional service provider in the substance abuse treatment profession. She has shown herself to be knowledgeable, compassionate, and insightful in her work with those seeking recovery. Julia's services would be an exceptional tool for anyone trying to achieve lasting recovery from addiction or alcoholism. I would not hesitate in referring Julia to any individual or facility." 

- Josh P - CADCA/CCDC & Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor 

"Knowing Julia for over 20 years, I have seen her become the gifted and devoted counselor she is today. She has an unflinching courage and deep commitment to support struggling individuals; no challenge is too great for Julia to confront. She has the unique combination of iron will and tender heart to reach out to individuals in need of her wisdom. Additionally, she is able to accomplish her tasks with humor, sparkle, and a lightness, which pinpoints the joy of living even within very dark times. 

Alice Feinstien, Certified Nurse Midwife

""Julia has unique insight into the human psyche and emotions that allows her to truly help a diverse range of people. Her deep understanding of the human condition only strengthens her abilities to be a life-changing asset for all.

Basya Samuels, BA in Psychology